Our History

On 19th January 1885, St. Margaret’s School opened with 35 pupils in a school building near the railway bridge.

And in the years that followed there has been a new building, extensions, almost 4000 children, 12 head teachers, many staff, developments in teaching and learning, increasing technology.  Throughout those years there has been a constant focus on faith, care, learning and aspiration.  And the story continues. We are all a part of that continuing story.  

The school began moving to its present site in 1960 with the opening of the infant wing. Additional buildings have included a sports pavilion and a technology room.  A major building project was officially opened in the summer of 1993. In the summer of 1998 an ICT suite was completed.  In 2001 the offices were refurbished and new teaching areas along with a library for the younger children were developed.  In recent years it has seen the opening of a new Foundation Stage so that (Nursery and Reception) can learn together and share facilities.  All of these improvements to the school over the years have been enriched by the generous support of the parent and church communities.