At St. Margaret’s we provide a creative curriculum based around the Cornerstones Curriculum, a nationally recognised approach for delivering outstanding learning opportunities for children. 

The curriculum is organised into imaginative learning projects that are investigatory and cross- curricular themes covering the programmes of study for Science, History, Geography, Art, Design Technology and ICT.  Learning in English is often closely linked to the learning theme in order to maximise relevance and purpose. 

RE, Music and PE are generally taught as discrete subjects. 

RE complies with the Solihull Agreed Syllabus and the details of the curriculum in this area are elsewhere on the website. 

German is taught in KS2 as a foreign language. 

Our curriculum is enriched by visits, visitors, theme days, charity events, musical performances and extra-curricular activities including competitive fixtures.  

We use the Sports Grant to offer a wide range of sport and fitness clubs before and after school. 


Curriculum Overviews

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Curriculum Overviews 

 Key Stage 2 Curriculum Overviews 


Early Reading and Phonics 

We use a synthetic approach to the teaching of early reading using the ‘Letters and Sounds’ Programme. 


 In 2018 we invested in a new reading scheme for children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.  These include online titles.  The scheme is fresh and exciting and will be used mostly for in school teaching of reading.  You can find out more about the books by following this link.


In KS2 we focus on class readers that are high quality texts, many of them classics, to enable children to develop the high-level skills required in the revised National Curriculum.  


Reading is the core strand of our home learning programme which we hope all parents will support well. 


Subject Overviews 

Art and Design


Design and Technology


Foreign Languages





Physical Education


Religious Education  - Foundation stage

Religious Education - Key Stages 1 and 2

Science - KS1

Science - Lower KS2

Science - Upper KS2

God is building a home. He is using us all…in what he is building.  He used the apostles and prophets for the foundations. Now he is using you, fitting you in brick by brick, stone by stone with Jesus Christ as the cornerstone that holds all the parts together. We see it taking shape day after day… Ephesians 2: 20 (The Message)