Governor Expenses Policy  


St. Margaret’s Church of England Primary School 

Governor Expenses Policy 

Governing Bodies can choose whether or not to pay allowances and reimburse expenses to governors and associate members. 

The cost of paying such expenses is a charge on the school budget.  Mindful of the financial constraints upon that budget, and in order to ensure that it is spent for the direct benefit of the children, the governors at St Margaret’s have decided that, as a general rule, (but subject to the exceptions in paragraphs 1 and 2) expenses will not be paid to governors. 

  1. However, should a governor or prospective governor consider that they are unable to carry out their duties, or take on the role, for financial reasons, they may in such exceptional circumstances apply for payment of expenses.  Application should be made in the first instance to the Chair or a Vice Chair, and will usually be determined by the Resources Committee.

  2.  The Governing Body recognises that the role of Chair requires attendance at meetings, appeal hearings etc over and above that required of other governors and a request for reimbursement of associated travel expenses may be made by the Chair to the Resources Committee.



This policy will be reviewed by the Governing Body annually and in the light of any changes in legislation.  Next review will be in Summer term 2019.