Parent Interface Group

The purpose of the group is to:

  • Promote positive parent/school partnership and communication.
  • To share non-confidential information between parents and school.
  • To increase parental involvement in the life of the school and consultations about school issues.
  • To keep school informed of issues that are hot topics on the playground so that a response can be made if appropriate.
  • To promote a positive collaborative ethos/relationship for the benefit all the children.

The role description for members is as follows: 

  • Attend half termly meetings and engage in discussion and debate in the interests of the whole school community.
  • Respect confidentiality of all children, parents and staff.
  • To be positive about parent school partnership and participation.
  • Promote the open door policy of the school to parents.
  • Inform the school of issues causing angst on the playground if it is appropriate for the school to address them.
  • To promote involvement in the life of the school acting as ambassadors for school activities and events.
  • To be a reference point for parents of a designated class and able to signpost them to appropriate support from school if required.


 Parent Representatives (Autumn 2017):


Louise Shah

Hannah Warwick (mother of Abigail)


Laura East 

Class 1

Joanne Pryce

Helen Sherlock

Emma Parmar

Class 2

Nadine Datson

Louise Shah

Class 3

Esther Atkins

Louise Worrall

Class 4
Fiona Sizer

Sarah Giles

Ermine Mitchell

Class 5
Velda Smith

Rachel Cooper 

Class 6

Esther Atkins 

Louise Worrall