Friday 2nd March 2018


Taking into account the amber weather warning, the current conditions on the roads and pavements and the decision of most local schools to close, St. Margaret's School including Kidzone will be closed to staff and pupils tomorrow, Friday 2nd March 2018.

Please assume we will re-open on Monday unless advised otherwise.


Have a good week end everyone - stay warm and safe.





 Closures in the event of snow and other emergencies


It is our intention to remain open so long as travel is safe, the site can be safely accessed and we have enough staff to look after the children in a safe manner. 

Schools now make their own decisions about whether to close so there will no blanket Local Authority announcements. 

This is how we will manage the process:

The head teacher will make a decision about whether it is safe to open as soon as is practicable and our circumstances may differ from other local schools. 

If school is to be open no announcements will be made. 

If school is to be closed information will be:

·       Posted as soon as possible on our school website on the parents page

·        Sent by email to the email address you have given to us for communication purposes

·        If it is possible for the Head teacher to get into school the answer phone message will be updated which can be reached by dialling the school number – 0121 706 5020 and selecting option 2 – school closures and events.

There will be no updated information unless the school is to remain closed for another day.  If this is the case the information sharing process above will be followed. 

We encourage parents to have contingency plans in place for school closures. 

If school is closed Kidzone will also be closed. 

If children do not attend school on snowy days without valid reason their absence will be recorded as unauthorised.