Welcome to St. Margaret's School Website

We hope the information provided here will enable existing and prospective parents to be well informed about the ethos and provision in our school.

St. Margaret’s is a small church school and we hope to create a family atmosphere with strong Christian values in which everyone can feel welcome and valued.   

We depend on the involvement and support of parents to make this possible. We are grateful to a parent for a generous donation of time to create this web-site and this is one example of how parents can be fully involved in the life of our school. We aim to work in positive partnership with parents to achieve the best for all our children.



St. Margaret’s is a successful and oversubscribed school enjoying a good reputation in the local area.  We strive to ensure that we support children’s development in its widest sense – academic, emotional, creative, physical, spiritual, moral and cultural.

The most recent external judgements of the school by Ofsted and the Diocese describe the school as follows:  

Christian faith and values radiate from this school because it seeks the best for everyone, recognising that it is possible for all to discover ‘life in all its fullness’. 

‘St Margaret’s Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary is an outstanding school.’ (Ofsted 2013)……………….

Anita Delaney  






Our Mission Statement



Discovering ‘life in all its fullness’  






Our Safeguarding Statement

We will act on any disclosures made.  This school is committed to the safeguarding of all children from any form of abuse and will be vigilant in maximising children’s well-being.

We do our utmost to ensure that our site is secure and not accessible to strangers.

·     Our recruitment processes focus strongly on minimising the risk of abusers becoming part of our work force.

·     Contractors and other service providers are expected to carry proof of identity and to have undertaken the appropriate checks. 

·     We have a culture of vigilance and safer working practices that make children’s safety a priority.